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Mountains - Fall Creek Sanctuary vision quests

Robert Wagner - Vision Quest guideRobert E. Wagner, Founder & Director of The Seventh Quest

Robert is a skilled vision quest guide, whose ability comes from a lifetime of authentic inner journeying, along with extensive training and practical experience in moving safely in the wilderness. The wisdom he has gained allows him to create a safe, sacred space supporting profound transformation for individuals, respectful of their unique personal paths and pace of growth.

Spiritually, Robert began his path at age 16, when he began the practice of Transcendental Meditation. He lived and studied at the heart of a prominent spiritual community for many years, where he immersed himself in deep silence and examined the fundamental principles of nature and human growth through the study of the Science of Creative Intelligence.

His wilderness experience includes graduation from the School of Lost Borders and membership in the Wilderness Guides Council. Robert is an NOLS Wilderness First Responder (National Outdoor Leadership School) and a Leave No Trace Trainer. A former Eagle Scout and Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow, he is an avid scuba diver and an adventurous world traveler. He has participated in an annual vision quest since 1996.

Robert has been successful in the corporate world for over 30 years and is a father of a daughter in her twenties. He also has explored authentic relationship building through the Mankind Project’s New Warrior Training and the Source School of Tantra, of which he became an advanced instructor.

A compassionate and gifted communicator, Robert approaches people with deep respect and intuitive wisdom. As a vision quest guide, he brings a deep love of nature, an open heart, and a healthy dose of humor into this transformational work.

Jennifer Yamamoto - Vision Quest guideJennifer Yamamoto, MA, CLC, Founder of The Sacred Mountain

A lover of big sky and wide open spaces, it is Jennifer's passion to connect people to the wilderness around and within. From this passion emerged the vision of the Sacred Mountain - a collaborative with the Seventh Quest, LLC, which was founded upon the transformative and healing potential of the wilderness rite of passage experience.

Jennifer incorporates both her experience as a life coach and teacher into her role as a wilderness guide. She is a graduate of the Coaching for Authentic Leadership program at Naropa University. She apprenticed extensively in the old ways of initiation with the School of Lost Borders, later guiding rite of passage retreats for various organizations including the Ojai Foundation, Naropa University, Crossroads School, and the Seventh Quest.

Jennifer is dedicated to bringing the spirit of ceremony into her work, her life, and her community. This young and vibrant woman is a seasoned council facilitator, a NOLS Wilderness First Responder, a certified trainer for the Leave No Trace program, and a member of the International Wilderness Guides Council, yet the heart of her work remains in what she refers to as the "bare bones" of being human. In daily celebration of this life, she continues to live with her partner in the southeast United States, cooking, dancing, and laughing out loud - meanwhile working as a consultant in private practice, coaching individuals and families through the processes of death, dying, renewal and reconciliation.

The Seventh Quest guides were exceptional in every way. I felt absolutely comfortable facing this solo fast in the desert, because they provided the knowledge I needed and a safe emotional container. You don’t go this far to hold back, and their leadership and character were of such a high caliber that I was able to do what I came for, going deeply within myself.” ~ Lorna C., Director Los Angeles, CA

“Robert and Jen created such a comfortable space for this adventure to take place. I could sense strongly that they knew what this quest was about, that they had been there themselves. They exuded a quiet confidence, a warmth and a depth that permeated the 9-day experience. They were completely present and very real as individuals…it was completely clear that they were there with you all the way. On a challenging inner exploration like this one, that’s priceless.” ~ Greg D., CEO  Hebron, KY

“I felt very safe with Robert and Jen, and also felt their care and total attention on us. They knew of the transformation that we might experience and shared beautiful rituals to make the experience sacred and meaningful. They are wise and brilliant, expert at holding a safe space for the participants to do serious inner exploring.”   ~ Carrie M., Massage Therapist – Concord, CA


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