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Sunset - Northern California vision quests

The Seventh Quest
Igniting the Fires of Personal Transformation

Ashland, OR  97520

Robert Wagner, Founder & Director

Visit our primary website, Wild Sacredness

The Seventh Quest is dedicated to offering modern rites of passage ceremonies for all who hear the call for personal transformation. Based in beautiful Ashland, Oregon, The Seventh Quest provides spiritual journeys into the expansive Oregon and California wilderness.

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“At a time when I was questioning many things in my life – including my career and my relationship – the vision quest offered by The Seventh Quest gave me the room I needed to think. It allowed me to retreat into deeper parts of myself, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.”

~ Natasha R., Acupuncturist San Diego, CA

“I approached the vision quest with curiosity, not knowing what to expect…I decided on a whim to take the plunge. It turned out to be absolutely one of the most extraordinary experiences of my life.” ~ Greg D., CEO  Hebron, KY

The most inspiring thing I experienced with the Seventh Quest journey was being able to discover who I am in the purest, most primal way. Everything else was stripped away, and I came away knowing that I can face my fears and achieve what I want in my life.” ~ Lorna C., Director Los Angeles, CA


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